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Meeting Facilitation

How successful was your last corporate gathering? Did it boost your organization's teamwork, spirit and productivity? Or did it just check the "proverbial square" on your events list? Organizations can benefit significantly from having an outside, independent representative to help plan and facilitate their important corporate meetings, strategic planning sessions, retreats, conferences etc. We are all highly experienced facilitators who can help you plan and execute your next -- successful and productive -- corporate gathering.

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Our Mission

To help our customers realize their objectives by developing effective leaders who create value in their organizations.

Our Team

Each of our independent, certified trainers has more than 30 years supervisory experience and more than 5 years experience in leadership development and course delivery.

Our Value

We put our customer’s needs first; are quick, responsive and flexible; do our work better than our competitors; and charge reasonable prices.

Our History

For more than 15 years we’ve helped develop thousands of leaders who are creating significant value in hundreds of organizations and communities across our Nation.

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Meeting Facilitation


Leadership Development Network (LDN) is aligned with top strategic partners who can assist in bringing
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